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Colors by Durostick

Project Type: Mobile App (Apple Store, Google Play)

Description: Colors App incorporates an array of powerful edge detection and smart color replacement algorithms, allowing users to replace the color on any surface wall portrayed in their photos. Users can experience their homes in various new colors by painting their own photos using the “Colorize It Photo”. In addition, the “Colorize It Live” function utilizes advanced augmented reality technology, enabling users to visualize any color in their home, live.


  • Replace any color by taping on screen
  • Choose color from pallet
  • On screen color finder by tapping on any photo section
  • Algorithmic color combination schemes
  • In-app favorites repository (colors, photos, products, color combinations)
  • Product catalog with full products description
  • Nearest store locator

Designed by: Brainwash FX

Project Owner: DoubleIP S.A.