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Philip Morris Tablet App Activation

Project Type: Public Booths, Promoter Tablets

Description: Promotional activation run in collaboration with the municipality authorities of Thessaloniki for the purpose of running a digital election. The participants were offered an NFC wristband with which they could register their vote on any of the available digital booths located in various public places. By utilizing NFC technology, each wristband was getting programmed by the promoters on the spot. The participants could then authenticate themselves and register their vote by swiping their wristband on any of the booths available around town.


  • NFC (Near Field Communication) radio technology
  • Wristband NFC tags
  • Promoter Tablet App for on the spot NFC programming and redemption of gifts
  • Booth App for NFC authentication and registration of votes
  • Back-end for real-time transactions

Designed by: Publicis Greece Advertising S.A.

Project Owner: Publicis Greece Advertising S.A.