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DoubleSMS iPhone app

An application built to deliver

This truly marvelous application is built on an enterprise level back-end, designed to deliver your messages providing the most competitive rates on the market and report its delivery back to you in an instant. A true performer that delivers!

Experience a top class, user friendly, feature rich and reliable iPhone, iPod touch and iPad SMS application. Reduce drastically your SMS costs for sending national and international SMS as well as for sending SMS while you are roaming. More than 200 countries and 700 mobile operators are supported worldwide. Upon installation you receive 10 free SMS credits in order to realize that DoubleSMS offers all the features that you wished for your default iPhone SMS application! You can buy more credits, at amazing prices, directly through the application or via DoubleSMS website.

DoubleSMS iPhone Features: 1. Long SMS support. More than 160 and up to 800 characters supported as multipart SMS that appear as one at the recipient’s handset. 2. Characters count and message parts count while composing a message. Never send an extra message for just one dot (.)!! 3. Delivery Notifications. You always know if a message was sent, delivered, expired or failed. 4. Select and add unlimited number of recipients. You can send the same message to 1, 10 or 100 recipients. 5. Simple and powerful recipient selection mechanism. Start typing a name or phone number and the application will dynamically filter your contacts for every extra character or number you type. The selection of a contact has never been easier. 6. The sender that appears to the recipient’s handset is your mobile phone number (This feature is not supported in US and few other countries). 7. Complete sent messages history. View and manage all messages sent. Sent messages are grouped by recipient and include the entire message and its delivery status. 8. Forward - resend any message to additional recipients, directly from your sent messages history. 9. Reply - send a new message to the same recipient without the need to search the contact or enter his number again. 10. Send messages in any language including Greek, Chinese and Arabic. All character sets are supported including Cyrillic. Special Feature For SMS messages written in Greek: Full 160 Greek characters supported per message! When sending an SMS written in Greek, from your default iPhone SMS application, most Greek mobile operators charge you one SMS for every 70 characters! As a result, for 160 characters you are charged with 3 SMS messages. With DoubleSMS you are normally charged with 1 SMS message, since the full GSM character set is supported! Pricing & Credits Purchase: DoubleSMS credits can be bought directly from the iPhone application or through this web site. iPhone DoubleSMS account credentials can be also used for accessing the available web based DoubleSMS application. Use your iPhone username and password to login here. Purchasing credits directly trough our web site is convenient, secure and cost effective. Check our web purchase pricelist